Donnerstag, 24. April 2014

Spring in Greenland

Our last slideshow had so many visitors, according to Google statistics, that we were encouraged to try another one. Many visitors came from abroad, so this time we make the text in English.

Spring in Greenland: This new slideshow is composed from our last years in Greenland. Spring has been the most impressing time in Greenland for us and that means a lot because our Greenlandic experience was always very intense.

The sun is coming back, shining almost 24 hrs, giving a midnight light that seems to be not from this world. The snow is melting, you hear the burble of small creeks and the brooks rushing everywhere. Even  in the smallest snow free areas flowers pop out. The birds are coming back on land and sea, occupying there nesting places. The seaice opens, the icebergs start there journey again, being free from frozen in now, you here the sound of the whales when breaking through the surface ...

…and everything goes so fast that it is almost like an explosion of nature. Summer is short in the arctic, there is no time to waste.

Slideshow Spring in Greenland, please klick here...